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8 / 1 / 2017
Surfing in Florida is definitely seasonal with the winter providing cold water requiring wetsuits and waves created by cold fronts pushing down from the north. Summer generally has smaller surf until we get a hurricane swell and the water is much warmer and perfect for board shorts and bikinis. I have a favorite beach that always has something rideable in the summer and there is always something to photograph. It's a busy inlet with fishing and boating along with the surfing and you can drive on the beach so your car is right there. This update features 162 favorite pics featuring all the action one might find at this beach during the summer.
7 / 14 / 2017
Every year Ferrari holds an event called Finali Mondiali to celebrate Ferrari's participation in motorsports. For 2016 the Daytona International Speedway was chosen as the event venue. While this was already going to be incredible what made it even more special is the fact that F1 cars would take to the Daytona road course including the high banks for the first time in Daytona's 51 year history. Not only have I not seen or heard an F1 car run before, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd finally get to see one at Daytona. This update features some of my favorite pictures of the event which includes the track action and the concours which had some incredible vintage and contemporary Ferraris on display.