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9 / 12 / 2009

Hurrican Bill sent near perfect surf to Florida's east coast on 8 / 21 / 09 One thing I noticed were the many girls that charged the surf and handled it well. It was nice to see them surf like surfers and not like girls. They had the mechanics down and that along with the proper stance and weight distribution had them riding with style. I guess things have changed since I first paddled out over thirty five years ago and I'm not complaining one bit. This gallery features pictures I took on Saturday during the peak of the swell and Sunday as Hurricane Bill began to lose his grip on Florida's east coast. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday than a day at the beach with perfect waves, lots of sun and light offshore winds to blow out my candles. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from a hurricane swell that will go down as one of the best for Florida surf in recent memory.

7 / 12 / 2009 It's summer time in 2009. Beautiful girls break out their best bikinis to show off their bronze tans. Surfing can be at it's best if a Hurricane decides to pass by. The beach bars are hopping and it's the perfect place to quench your thirst after spending time on the sand bars. Of course when alcohol is involved people tend to let their inhibitions go and the action often gets pretty wild. It's amazing what girls will do for a little attention. This video update has it all from that first wave to the last chic fight and it ends with a beautiful sunset to start your sweet dreams of 2009
6 / 20 / 2009 In 2005 I took a Labor Day weekend trip to southern California for some surfing and racing. I stayed in La Jolla which was perfect for it's close proximity to several surf breaks and on Sept. 4th I made the drive up to Fontana which is just east of LA for the SONY HD 500 Sprint Cup race. The track lends itself to plenty of 3 and 4 wide racing which made it exciting with several cars spinning as they tried to hold their line. In the end it was Kyle Busch in the #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet taking the checkered flag and putting a cool $241,065.00 in his pocket. While I was pretty much stuck in my seat I still managed to get some awesome pics and video for this update in my NASCAR section
6 / 8 / 2009 Hurricane season is off to a slow start, which is not a bad thing, but from a surfer's point of view it's trying times as they anxiously await a source for some summer swells. Eventually they come as they do ever year and this update features a video of a few lucky surfers that caught some small perfectly formed waves courtesy of Hurricane Rita off Florida in 2005
5 / 27 / 2009 I'm always trying to make my site better so for this update I've redone the random picture galleries in my extreme action section making the pictures much bigger and with better navigation. Three new galleries filled with pictures scanned from slides of everything from Sebring in the 80s to a shuttle launch. Come inside and see the work of one photographer!
5 / 14 / 2009 Back in 2003 I had the privilege of following a brand new single car team as they put their shop together near Charlotte NC, tested their cars at USA Speedway in Lakeland FL and attempted to qualify for their first Winston Cup race at the famed Indianapolis Motorspeedway for the Brickyard 400.Successful real estate developer Don Arnold, a long time race fan had the itch to go racing and decided to put together a race team. I want to thank Dean Arnold for bringing me along to capture the action. I had the best seat at the best tracks and it was truly a dream come true for this NASCAR fan.
4 / 28 / 2009 It was my first time attending the Celebration Exotic Car Festival and I must say it is probably the best exotic car show I've been to yet. . There were 250 cars featuring everything from a Saleen S7 to a rare Lamborghini Miura owned by the Shah of Iran. An added bonus was a collection of wild custom cars from legendary creator Barris Kustom with his cars from from TV shows like The Munsters, The Monkees and Batman. Ferrari dominated in numbers with an Enzo, F50, F40 and just about every other model made by Ferrari. Throw in a Audi R8 some Aston Martins and a Vector along side other exotics and I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon with my camera.
4 / 15 / 2009 Gianna Amore is a natural beauty. The kind that takes your breath away at first glance and still holds it upon further investigation. I knew from that first look that being a Playboy Playmate was in her path. I was fortunate to be able to photograph Gianna twice. Once right after we met and then a few years later we reunited for a second shoot. Shortly after that she was selected to become Playboy's Miss August 1989. This update features a gallery filled with some of my favorite pictures from our two collaborations
4 / 3 / 2009

For this update I'm adding galleries 6, 7 and 8 to my " RIDES " section. These feature awesome autos captured in pictures as they drive down the road. I'm not talking about some show car up on a display. These are on the move on public roads and right along side other cars. The only thing different is these cost up to a half million dollars like the red Porsche Carrera GT pictured here. This time I've got several special cars including a Koenigsegg CCX, Bugatti veyron, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins and a Spyker with a few oldies but goodies thrown in for good measure.Is your dream ride inside?

3 / 22 / 2009 With rounds one and two of the 2008 Naples Hooters Bikini Contest already posted, it's time for the fashion show segment so this latest update features three new galleries of biker fashions provided by Harley Davidson of Naples and modeled by some of the Hooters Bikini contestants. Come inside now and see some very hot denim and leather
3 / 12 / 2009 The 1994 Galaxy Competition was a new and unique way for the worlds best fitness women to showcase their athletic abilities and symmetrical beauty in one event This update is a 50 minute Quicktime video of the swimsuit round featuring some of the most outrageously fit women you will ever see anywhere! Shots are full length, close up and with full sound so you can hear the commentators and the crowd cheer their favorites on. This is a must see for any fitness fan.
2 / 24 / 2009 One of the coolest shoots I've ever done was the time I photographed the 1994 Offshore Powerboat World championships in Key West Florida. I strapped myself in a harness and hung out the door of a helicopter and captured amazing pictures and video as we flew along side the race boats at 150 mph! Filled with contenders like Alcone Motorsports, Recovery, Ohio Steel, INXS,Brooks, Katana, Systems, Gifford Racing and Tom Gentry who crashed on Sunday's race. There were two races and I shot from the helicopter on wednesday's race and from a boat on Sunday's race. This update features a Quicktime video from that race and is over a half hour long. It's filled with action from the helicopter, water level on a boat and even a stroll through the wet pits.
2 / 5 / 2009

The 2009 ROLEX 24 at Daytona International Speedway had the closest finish in the 47 year history of the event and perhaps the closest finish ever in major international 24 hour endurance racing. David Donohue who started on the pole in the # 58 Brumos Racing Porsche crossed the finish line 24 hours later a mere .167 seconds ahead of second place Juan Pablo Montoya in the # 01 TELEMEX Target Lexus Riley. I filled this latest update with over 500 pictures featuring the Rolex 24 race, the KONI Challenge and the Heritage Exhibition. Roaming the garage I was able to photograph drivers like Scott Pruett, Montoya, Danica Patrick, Jimmie Johnson and Patrick Dempsey.

1 / 6 / 2009 Pictures are great to look at but don't convey the speed and sound that video does. For this update I've put together a 38 minute Quicktime video from a day I spent at the 2003 NHRA Gatornationals. It starts with some still pictures from my first Gators in 1979 featuring legends like Bob Glidden, Connie Kalitta, Shirley Muldowney and Big Daddy Don Garlits then gets moving with the 2003 action of Warren and Kurt Johnson, John Force and more of Galits and Muldowney. There's lots of action in the pits as well so you get to see a little bit of everything. Due to space constraints, a few classes were forced to race at Orlando Speed World and I was there and included some of that in the video
1 / 6 / 2009

In 1983 the movie " Scarface " was released and was quickly followed by the smash hit " Miami Vice " television series. Both depicted the drug trade and the struggle to stop it in south Florida. Drug Kingpins took up residence and managed their operations from beach front mansions. The DEA, US Customs and local law enforcement agencies struggled to stop the flow of drugs coming into south florida but they were often under financed, under manned and under gunned. In other words the drug traffickers pretty much had their way in the early 80sThis latest update features a rare photo opportunity when I found myself witnessing what appeared to be a drug drop just off the coast and what happened immediately after. You can see the pictures and read all about it in my new section I'm calling " Five Photo Stories "

12 / 21 / 2008 This bikini contest was held at the Sanford Florida Hooters and was the regional finals to see who would represent Orlando in the 2007 International Miss Hooters Pageant in las Vegas. It's a great venue and everyone was having fun as the best Hooters girls in Orlando took to the stage in bikinis. It might be hard to pick a favorite out of this stellar group but at least you will have plenty of pictures to help with your decision.
12 / 10 / 2008 I really like exotic cars and have been on a quest to photograph them all. It would be nice to capture one driving on the road but some are so rare and super expensive it makes some of them almost prohibitive to drive on a public road. That leaves car shows the best opportunity and I went to one of the best. It's called the " Festival of Speed " and it was held on the grounds of the Orlando Ritz Carlton. It was a beautiful sunny day and the selection of cars was the best I've seen yet. The show was filled with exotics like the Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg CCX, Spyker, Aston Martin Vanquish, McLaren SLR, Maserati MC-12, several Lamborghinis and Ferraris including this Enzo along with some very rare vintage models and the F1 race car that Michael Schumacher drove to the F! 2002 World Championship. I spent most of the day walking around getting all the usual " car show " pics but stayed late and got the best shots as they drove them home to bring you almost 200 pics and a video of exotics.
11 / 24 / 2008 It's getting cold out there for a lot of you so I thought I'd try and warm things back up with some summer time beach action. Beautiful sights of just about everything under the sun and it's all here in this latest update!
11 / 13 / 2008 On November 12, 1949 the first " official " Swamp Buggy race was held in Naples Florida with almost fifty competitors that day. The sport continued to grow eventually getting it's own special track complete with the infamous " Sippy Hole " a deep spot in the water covered track that many buggys couldn't make it out. Today there are three races a year held at the Florida Sports Park in Naples as they compete to become " King of the Swamp " New faces take on old timers like Leonard Chesser, Terry Langford, Lonnie Chesser, David Sims and Tommy Turner. Today's buggys are much lower, sleek and fast. Very fast and built only for racing. This gallery features the 1988 race which was won by Tommy Turner driving his " Easy Rider " Pro Modified 2-Wheel Drive Buggy. I was there as his buggy was under construction and took a few pictures of his winning creation as well as the wild action during the race on the track.
11 / 3 / 2008 This gallery features the spectacle of Unlimited Hydroplane racing. A sport that has evolved over the years with many safety improvements but I'll never forget the sight and sound of those early " Thunderboats " with their World War 2 V-12 airplane engines and open cockpits flying down the front stretch of the Miami Marine stadium blasting a hundred yard long rooster tail behind them.These pictures are from the 1980s when races were held every year at the now dormant Miami Marine Stadium. What's better than watching these boats race on the edge of Biscayne bay with the Miami skyline as the backdrop. Drivers like Bill Muncey, Chip Hanauer, Dean Chenoweth and Steve Reynolds along with owners like Bernie Little and his legendary " Miss Budwiser " made this sport what it is and I hope this gallery gives you an idea as to just how exciting it was.
10 / 23 / 2008 The season is almost over for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series and with the way Johnny Benson and Ron Hornaday have been swapping the points lead it looks like the Champion will be decided in the last race of the season at Homestead. Some say the trucks are the most exciting NASCAR series to watch and there's no disputing they put on a good show. This update features the first truck series practice for the 2008 season at the track that holds the first race, Daytona. Four new galleries as they take to the high banks looking for that little extra something to give them an edge over their competition. The Craftsman Trucks Series starts in Daytona and I've got it covered. The pictures start here and now.
10 / 8 / 2008

I'm adding gallery 4 and gallery 5 to my " RIDES " section for this update. If you haven't seen the RIDES section it's devoted to anything you can ride. While it leans heavy on the exotic car side, there is also the funny, unusual and oddly extreme rides as well.

9 / 27 / 2008

Let's get wet!

This update is a gallery devoted to beautiful bodies and H20

9 / 17 / 2008 The conditions were near perfect with sunny skies, light breeze and a swell that delivered near perfect rights that broke for 200yds. down the beach. Experienced surfers like Shea lopez and Aron Cormican took full advantage and ripped the place apart. Unfortunately days like this also bring out the inexperienced and more than a few found themselves in deep trouble. A guy and a girl were swept into the rocks while trying to paddle out and one guy was smashed against the rocks when he tried taking a shortcut by jumping of the jetty. He had to be carried off by paramedics. Just the day before a man and his son were swept eight miles out to sea when the swift current inside the inlet was too much for them to handle. After treading water over night they were miraculously rescued by a passing boater. The day before that two surfers were bit by sharks. There was so much action going on and this gallery features all the surfing, sunbathers, fisherman, boaters and spectators that made the trek down to Ponce Inlet for a day of fun in the sun.
9 / 6 / 2008 It's about time for some more hot babes around here so I'm going to add another gallery to my BABEs section for my latest update. Nothing but hot, beautiful women in sexy swimsuits, revealing outfits and even topless. Real natural beauties unlike the plastic manufactured models that are so common today. If you like them simple but sexy this gallery is for you!
8 / 26 / 2008

It was another great NASCAR race at Bristol this past Saturday night as over 168,000 watched Carl Edwards execute a perfect " bump n run " to knock out Kyle Busch, who had dominated the race up until then, out of the way and put his #99 into victory lane. It was typical Bristol. All action!Justin was there for the 2003 race as he worked with a Sprint Cup team. It's an amazing place and like no other. With all access for practice and the race he was able to get some great pictures and video. This latest update features a video of the 2003 Sharpie 500 at Bristol

8 / 16 / 2008 2007 was the 66th running of the Daytona 200 at the Daytona International Speedway and what looked like a very promising day for Honda with Miguel Duhamel sitting on the pole and teammate Jake Zemke and Erion Racing rider Josh Hayes along side on the front row turned to disaster when a fuel pump failure left Duhamel and Zemke stalled in the infield and out of the race. In the end it was Steve Rapp on his #15 Kawasaki ZX-6R with the victory for Attack Kawasaki. This update features pictures from the race that capture the balance, form, speed and color as these racers take to the challenging track on their two wheeled rockets in a quest for victory
8 / 3 / 2008 For this update we're going back in time to the mid eighties for a look at one of our favorite models. Back then girls didn't wear thongs to the beach so catching this little hottie in her G string on a breezy summer day at the beach was my lucky day. Julie had the killer bod and once won every contest she entered one year and believe me when I say she had entered a lot. The surf was up on this day and she came along to get some sun while I surfed. When she stripped down to her tiny g sting I just had to go back to the car and grab my camera. I didn't catch many waves that day but who cares, I did manage to catch some killer pics. Enjoy!
7 / 22 / 2008 Back in the good ol days of Stock Car racing in Daytona it was known as " The Firecracker 400 " then it became the Pepsi 400 and now it is the " Coke / Zero 400. Originally held in the blistering hot midday heat on or near the 4th of July it has become a night race under the lights just tolerable for the diehard fans. This years race was just as explosive as the fireworks it was first named for as today's hottest drivers took turns leading the pack around Daytona's Super Speedway. Four wide and bump drafting in the turns was the norm and turn four turned to calamity corner as several had trouble holding their line. In the end it was a battle between Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch with Kyle taking the checkers after Gordon got turned on a late race restart. This gallery features all the action from a rain shortened practice, action in the garage and all the way to the checkered flag
7 / 10 / 2008 Back in 2003 Justin had the opportunity to attend the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway as part of a what was then a Winston Cup team. With full credentials he was able to roam the track capturing pictures and video in the garage, pits and on the track. This update features a 20 min video filled with all the action from practice, pre race out on the starting grid, the race from the pits and the victory circle celebration. This video puts you right there in the middle of it all filled with the sights and sounds of a NASCAR race at Indy.
6 / 28 / 2008 Here at thewoop.com www stands for waves, women and wipeouts and that's exactly what we have in our latest update gallery. Justin spent the afternoon at a Florida east coast hot spot and captured some cool shots of the three Ws The surf was up, the bikinis were out and the action was crazy so come inside and enjoy the show!
6 / 18 / 2008 It's time for the bikini round as we continue our coverage of the 1st Annual Naples Hooters bikini contest. We've jammed this latest update with 280 pictures of the west coasts hottest Hooters girls as they compete in the bikini round to earn the right to go on to the regional's and then the national pageant. See them in all their glory as they take the stage in their bikinis and show us what it takes to be a " Hooters Girl " Join now and get served with a smile!
6 / 8 / 2008 It was a dream come true when I was able to attend and photograph one of the finest collections of exotic automobiles I've ever seen. So many different cars were there including the extremely rare Maserati MC-!2 pictured here and I got pictures of them all. The Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Porsche Carrera GT, Spyker C8 Spyder, Audi R8, Rolls Royce Phantom and several Lamborghinis including a Superleggera just to mention a few. The closest most people come to one of these cars is playing the XBOX 360 so it was a real treat to walk amongst them and watch as many of their owners DROVE them home! Step inside The Work of One Photographer for my latest gallery filled with 175 pictures of the finest exotic super cars the world has to offer
5 / 26 / 2008 Golf isn't really an extreme sport but it sure has made more than a few good men go crazy. I've never photographed the sport before but I'm well aware of it having come from a family of golfers. The 2007 Del Webb Father / Son Challenge was held at Champions Gate in Orlando and with some of Golf's greatest in attendance it was the perfect opportunity to get a few shots in my own way. The real thrill came on the 18th green as two of golf's greatest stood before me. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus finished their rounds and I stood there in awe as these two gentle giants holed out. These galleries are from one of my favorite shoots as I followed the Shark, found the Golden Bear and became part of Arnie's army
5 / 14 / 2008 A beautiful day with over 30 beautiful girls. What more could we hope for. It was the first annual Harley Davidson Bike show and Hooters bikini contest. Standing side by side these two came together to put on a great event in Naples Florida. The girls were competing for the right to go to the regional's and then on to the Miss Hooters international Pageant in las Vegas. The girls came out in their club wear for round one and then their swim suits for round two. Harley Davidson put on a fashion show while the Judges picked the finalists. As always we were there to cover it all! This latest update features almost 300 pictures of round one with the girls wearing their favorite club wear on stage. We will follow up with the bikini round and fashion show in a future update.
5 / 4 / 2008 It was the end of an era when the International Race of champions aka IROC held it's last race on the road course at Daytona International Speedway June 29, 2006. Unfortunately IROC would close it's doors in 2007 due to lack of sponsorship. They left Daytona with another great race and a stellar line-up of drivers including Matt Kenseth, Ryan Newman, Martin Truex Jr. Frank Kimmel, Mark Martin, Sam Hornish, Max Angelelli, Scott Sharp, Steve Kinser and Ted Musgrave but it was Tony Stewart that would ultimately take the checkered flag in the identically prepared Pontiac Trans Ams. There was plenty of action from the afternoon practice and the nighttime race with it's glowing rotors and hairpin turns. Come inside and see IROC history as it's captured in the work of one photographer
4 / 23 / 2008 It's time to get down and dirty here at thewoop.com so we went to Bithlo Florida for some good old mud racing. This update features all kinds of vehicles as they try to make it trough the mud hole and test their speed on the dirt track. While everyone is there to have fun, some take it very seriously and have put thousands of dollars into their trucks to help ensure getting to the other end. This gallery includes a video with all the sights and sounds that perfectly compliments the picture galleries.
4 / 7 / 2008 See pictures of Race Winner Ryan Newman along with today's hottest drivers like Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Clint Bowyer, Kasey Kahne and of course Dale Earnhardt Jr. See some of the sports greatest drivers like Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Jimmie Johnson. There's even a few shots of " The King " Rhichard Petty and a rare appearence of the " Silver Fox " David Pearson. You've seen the cars in the garage and out on the track and now it's time to check out the men behind the wheel
3 / 26 / 2008 Spring is here and it's getting time for the beach again. It's our favorite place to take pictures and this latest update will show you why. This gallery is filled with surfing, beautiful beaches, the hottest bikinis and awesome sunsets. If you're still thawing out from winter you can begin to feel the heat right here with The Work of One Photographer
3 / 16 / 2008 We're still running with the big boys as we catch Sprint Cup practice for the 2008 Daytona 500. They've had some time to test and now it's time for practice with their cars fully painted and ready to race. This update features over 200 pictures of the cars in the garage and on the track. We'll be adding more galleries of the drivers and all the other people that make these race cars go in a future update. Check out the colorful world of Sprint Cups racing at Daytona for the 2008 Speed Weeks inside
3 / 4 / 2008 It's time for another season of NASCAR and this year promises to be as exciting as ever with the " Car of Tomorrow " running the full schedule and a lot of unknowns yet to be answered. It all starts with the first test session of 2008 at Daytona International Speedway and Justin was there to capture the action. He's got hundreds of pictures ready to show but we're going to start with an awesome video that captures the sights and sounds of a NASCAR test session. Will this be Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s year with a switch to Hendrick Motorsports that shook the NASCAR world he has the best equipment available so now it's up to him. See Dale take to the high banks of Daytona and inside the garage as he along with all of NASCAR's brightest stars take that first step towards the Sprint Cup Championship
2 / 17 / 2008 It's been a pretty rough winter so far and we need to do something to heat it back up so for our latest update we are bringing out a set of bikini contest pictures that are sure to put some fuel in your fire. Tan oiled down hardbodies are what it takes to win the title of " Miss Rats Hole " during Bikefest in Leesburg Florida and we've got this 2006 contest covered with 126 pictures featuring the best of the best in some outrageous bikinis!
2 / 4 / 2008 Chip Ganassi and Felix Sabates captured their third consecutive Rolex 24 victory witn drivers Juan Montoyoa, Dario Franchitti, Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas in the number 1 Lexus Riley in the classic endurance race held at Daytona International Speedway.We've covered the action from practice to race time and from all parts of the track and picked over 300 pictures for this latest update featuring the cars on the track and the drivers that take them there. Come inside for a spetacular display of images from the 46th running of the Rolex 24 with fast cars and that guy from " Dancing With the Stars "
1 / 23 / 2008 It's hard to describe the sights, sounds and smell of drag racing. It's a sport that has to be seen in person to truly appreciate it. There is nothing louder than a Top Fueler launching off the line in a ground shaking explosion of speed leaving you in standing there in awe. Wheel standing Super Stockers bounce down the track and Pro Stock bikes are nothing more than blurred slivers of speed traveling the required quarter mile. Drag racers are always looking for more speed and they found it at the 2007 ACDelco Gatornationals in Gainesville Florida.
1 / 13 / 2008 This update features a gallery filled with nothing but beautiful babes! Stunning models in various locations photographed in the familiar style of Justin Sain. See everything from covermodels and centerfolds like the blonde beauty on the right, to the girl you might find next door. The two things they all have in common are being beautiful and becoming part of the work of one photographer
1 / 2 / 2008 With Dale Earnhardt Jr. leaving DEI for Hendricks Motorsports and everyone looking to dethrone the reigning Nextel Cup Champion Jimmy Johnson 2008 promises to be an exciting one in the world of NASCAR. Once again we plan to be at several races this year so look for plenty of new pictures and video coming throughout the year. Let's take a look back at the Daytona action from 2006 beginning with the Cup test session in this update and we will be adding images from Speedweeks, IROC race, and the Pepsi 400 in the future to complete the 06 season in the NASCAR section devoted to the greatest sport today!
12 / 19 / 2007

It was a very slow Hurricane season for the surfers this year with only a handful of rideable days provided by those storms with the names. One particular day stands out from the rest and that was on August 22 2007 when Hurricane Dean marched across the Caribbean and into the lower Gulf of Mexico. Dean was thoughtful enough to give Florida's Gulf coast a one day swell that was so good it made up for the lackluster season.This update captures the action at a little know break on Florida's lower gulf coast as a small group of surfers catch the best swell of the year. 145 pictures of epic surf that even had the Dolphins jumping for joy.

12 / 2 / 2007 We all have different ways getting from point A to point B and we all dream about what we would like to ride in to get there. We're starting a new section here at thewoop.com and it's called " RIDES " This new section will be filled with pictures and video of anything you can ride on. From $10 skateboards to the $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron pictured here and everything in between this galley will have them all. We're kicking it of with three galleries of assorted rides, a gallery of the Bugatti Veyron and a video of one hot model with lots of hot cars. Gentleman start your engines
11 / 19 / 2007 Offshore Powerboat racing has to be one of the most extreme sports we've ever covered. Superboats 50 feet long powered by multiple big block power plants flying through the air at 150 mph in rough seas is what our latest update is all about. This new gallery has over 100 incredible pictures shot from the land, water and air. Traveling to many races in the early nineties we have an awesome collection of pictures taken at races in Miami, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach, Ft Myers, Marathon and the 1994 World Championships in Key West which was photographed from a helicopter. See drivers like Tom Gentry, Bob Kaiser, Matt Alcone and Reggie Fountain push their rides to the limit and beyond in this amazing collection of Offshore powerboat racing pictures
11 / 8 / 2007 Rennsport 2007 at Daytona International Speedway was the largest gathering of legendary Porsche race cars in history. Sponsored by Porsche Cars North America and organized by Brian Redman’s Intercontinental Events, Inc., Porsche Rennsport Reunion is held every three years and brings together an unprecedented gathering of significant Porsche vintage and current racecars and famous Porsche race drivers. This latest update features highlights of the action from the pits, garage and track of what has to be the finest collection of Porsches ever assembled. With over 300 pics in this gallery this is a must see for any serious Porsche fan.
10 / 28 / 2007 Every year in the month of October Daytona's Main Street comes alive with the rumble and roar of wild and crazy bikers and the sidewalks fill with the beautiful spectators that come to see them. Running Thursday thru Sunday it's much shorter than Bike Week but it's just as exciting as there is always something to see. Our latest update is filled with over 200 pictures of awesome machines and the people that ride them plus some of the hottest babes we've ever seen at this event so come on inside and enjoy the ride!
10 / 14 / 2007 This update features a video of the Vintage NASCAR parade held on Daytona Beach to kick off the 2007 Speed Weeks. We've already posted the awesome pictures from this event and now you can see AND hear these amazing automobiles as they rumble down the beach beautifully restored to their original condition.
10 / 4 / 2007 We had such a great response with our end of summer update we've decided to keep it rolling with more of the sights of summer. This latest update features beautiful sunsets, awesome beaches filled with wildlife and people living the wild life. Skimboarders, surfers and girls working on their tans are just a few of the things included in this new gallery in the BEACH section. Fall is here but that doesn't mean you have to give up on summer yet because we have the pictures to make summer last all year long!
9 / 24 / 2007 It's the end of summer and we can't let it go quietly so we're making this update a tribute to the beautiful sights of summer. Put that lotion on one more time as the sun puts out the heat and the pictures get even hotter. Nobody catches summer quite like the Work of One Photographer and you can see it all inside.
9 / 14 / 2007 In this update we follow up the coverage of the 2007 Rolex 24 endurance race at Daytona International Speedway with an amazing video filled with action from three days of racing on the track. We went inside the garage for an up close look at the cars and the people that work on them. See drivers like Jeff Gordon, Juan Pablo Montoya, Eddie Cheever, Dan Wheldon and Scott Pruitt. Watch the different classes practice during the day and navigate the high banks and turns of the track at night. The Rolex 24 is a spectacle of lights, color, sound and action and it's all been captured on video!
9 / 4 / 2007 Much more than a bikini contest and different from a bodybuilding show the Galaxy Competition was a new and unique way for the worlds best to showcase their athletic abilities and symmetrical beauty in one event. Fitness greats like Sherry Goggin, Brandi Carrier, Mia Finnegan, American Gladiator's "Zap" Raye Hollitt and the eventual winner Ursula Sarcev were there along with many unknowns with hopes of launching their career in this prestigious event.The Galaxy was held in two parts. 50% of the score was from a grueling obstacle course and 50% of the score was from the stunning figure competition. This update is a picture gallery of the 1994 Galaxy Fitness Competition in Orlando Fl.
8 / 24 / 2007 There is always something to do or see during Daytona's annual Bike Week Event and one of the all time favorites is the crowning of " Miss Bike Week ". Our latest update features a video of the beautiful contestants as they take the stage in their bikinis and get judged by the best bike builders in the business. See a tight contest between SPEED TV's Charity Hodges, Playboy's Tiffany Selby and Samantha the awesome redhead along with several others as they compete for the coveted title. It's all here inside waiting for you so sit back and let us bring Miss Bike Week to you
8 / 10 / 2007 In 2006 Orlando Speed World was the site again for the 14th annual " Real World Street Nationals " as 300 cars came to compete in only four classes - Super pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street and Radial Tires. Over twenty thousand spectators came to watch the action as these street legal door slammers went head to head on the Orlando drag strip. This latest update features 140 pics of some of the baddest street machines you'll ever see. Burnouts, wheelies and one Mustang's unfortunate introduction to the guardrail are waiting inside. The only thing missing is the smell of nitrous.
7 / 31 / 2007 Kawasaki's James Stewart dominated the 2007 Daytona Supercross By Honda taking the hole shot in the main event and never looking back. Ricky Carmichael, in what was to be his last Daytona Supercross, was unable to challenge Stewart for the lead and settled for 2nd with Yamaha's Chad Reed coming in third. Sitting on his bright yellow #4 Suzuki during the driver introductions Ricky said “ It’s been an amazing ride. To win here five times in front of you guys has just been amazing ”. Ricky Carmichael will go down as one of the best if not the best the sport has ever known. This update features the afternoon practice and main event of Ricky's historic last ride at the Daytona Supercross
7 / 21 / 2007 One of the things that makes this site so interesting and entertaining is the diverse subject matter featured in pictures and video. There's bound to be something of interest inside for anyone with a pulse and this new video will make that pulse rise. From start to finish this video is jam packed with all the sights you've come here for. Beautiful models, NASCAR action, surfing, offshore powerboats, freestyle motoX, skateboarding, bikinis, explosions and much much more. This video is what this site is all about and gives a really good look at the work of one photographer.
7 / 1 / 2007 We have a lot of bikini contest coverage here at thewoop.com and we can't help but notice how bikini contests have changed over the years. Today most contests are judged and the girls are more subtle in their stage presence.The girls are still as hot as ever, they just don't put on a show like they did back in the 90's when the girls wore those " sling shot " style bikinis and the winner was picked by crowd response. The wilder the girl got on stage the wilder the crowd cheered. This update is a video of an early 90's Daytona bikini contest featuring the hottest and wildest girls of the day
7 / 1 / 2007 There is always something to do or see in Daytona during Bike Week and the various contests like " Miss Bike Week " have to be one of our favorite things to attend. This years contest didn't disappoint as several bikini clad beauties took to the stage to compete for the title. I couldn't pick a clear favorite and could only narrow it down to either the Blonde the brunette or the Redhead. They all had me drooling so take a look at this gallery and see if you can pick the winner but I'm telling you right now I betcha just can't pick one after looking at one of the best lineups I've ever seen at Bike Week.
6 / 21 / 2007 This gallery is part two of the Ft. lauderdale Air & Sea Show and is filled with more action than you can imagine. See the pics of the B-2 Stealth Bomber as it makes a few passes along with the B-1B Lancer, C-130, C-17 Globemaster III, F/A-18 Super Hornet, USAF F-16, and the USAF Heritage Flight. There were demonstrations of the USN LCAC ( Landing Craft Air Cushion ), The U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team and a sea rescue from the USMC. Their were aerobatic shows with Sean Tucker and Team Oracle Challenger ending with an inspiring presentation from the USAF Thunderbirds.
6 / 11 / 2007 The beach is Justin's favorite place to be and that's easy to see when you look at all the incredible images here on thewoop.com. This update features all the beautiful sights you might see when spending a day at the beach. There's hot action in the surf and sweet action on the sand. Taking a walk, rubbing on oil or just laying on a towel all the beach beauties have one thing in common, they are HOT! Justin's knack for candid photography shines through with each photo and you will feel like you're right there. Spend the day at the beach without getting hot or sunburned and enjoy all it has to offer
6 / 1 / 2007 The official Hurricane season hadn't even started yet when up popped Andrea a sub tropical storm that was a surfers dream. On 5 / 8 / 07 the system produced huge swells in the Atlantic pounding the entire Florida coast with few places rideable and mostly out of control. Savey surfers familiar with these conditions knew one place that would be firing and that was Miami's South Beach. Justin was there and captured this epic event featured in this gallery. Days like these don't happen very often at South Beach and who could resist standing on the beach amongst all those supermodels getting a tan.
5 / 22 / 2007 Time for part two of the 2007 Rolex 24 at Daytona and this gallery is mostly about the drivers, celebrities and beautiful spectators that attend the race. See drivers like Dan Wheldon, Scott Dixon, Sam Hornish Jr., Helio Castroneves, Juan Pablo Montoya, Wayne Taylor, Max Angelelli, Scott Pruett and Hurley Haywood. The NASCAR drivers were there including Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart and Bobby Labonte. Even the King, Richard Petty made an appearance. Take that stellar group of drivers and add the Playboy models with beautiful spectators and take a lap around this track.
5 / 12 / 2007 Ft. Lauderdale had it's annual Air & Sea Show on May 5 - 6, 2007 and it was spectacular! This was something Justin had never photographed before and he was really looking forward to getting his first look a a B - 2 " Stealth Bomber " but what ended up stealing the show was the USAF's new F - 22 " Raptor ". This new fighter Jet has no current equal in the world and the demonstration it put on was breathtaking. It performed maneuvers never thought possible by a Jet aircraft and incredibly the announcer said they couldn't show all the Raptor's capabilities for security reasons! Check out the pics.
5 / 2 / 2007 Julie Clarke is one of our favorite models and she now has her own official website which you can see at www.julie-clarke.com. We are very lucky to get our hands on a picture set she has allowed us to use so you can see how she looks today. After seeing these amazing pictures I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion that we did and that is Julie is as beautiful now as she was back then. Some will say she's even better. Look at this gallery of Julie in a wicked weasel bikini at the beach and then you decide.
4 / 22 / 2007 This update features a video of the surfing action on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Justin Sain traveled to Rincon, PR to capture the winter swells and this video centers around one of Puerto Rico's best known breaks called " Domes ". Watch as the locals and the traveling visitors try to get along in their quest to ride the awesome waves. The action is fast and furious and sometimes it's hard to tell this quality surf from the ball of confusion but somehow at the end of the day everyone leaves with a smile on their face.
4 / 12 / 2007 This gallery features more action from Daytona's Speed Weeks and this time we have all three series covered. Check out the Nextel Cup guys as they go out on the track for practice. Get up close as they fine tune their rides in the garage. Take a look at the Busch Series garage and then see the action as they Race in the Orbitz 300. Get a good look at the craftsman Trucks as they take to the high banks of Daytona for their practice session. See pictures of your favorite drivers as they make their way around the garage and don't forget the lovely ladies that have found an attraction to racing. It's all inside!
4 / 2 / 2007 This update features a super sexy video of Asian Supermodel Akira Lane. We were very lucky to get the opportunity to work with Akira and her presence was a pleasure. This video shows Akira on her bed as she gets in a frisky mood. It's hard to resist that sweet smile as she moves around on the bed and looks into the camera. If you like Asian women or beautiful women or sexy women or you're a fan of Akira lane this video is for you and delivers the goods. This is just the first of many Akira clips to come.
3 / 23 / 2007 The 2007 Rolex 24 at Daytona drew the largest crowd of spectators in twenty years and with good reason as the race came to an end with a thrilling three-car battle for the overall lead in the final hour with eventual race winners Juan Pablo Montoya and Scott pruett in the #01 TELMEX/Target Chip Ganassi Racing lexus Riley, second place finishers Ryan Dalziel and patrick Carpentier and third place finishers Max Angelelli and Jan Magnussen. This gallery features all the action in the garage and on the track during the day and night. Browse through these pictures and you'll feel like you're there.
3 / 13 / 2007 Hurricane Florence tracked by Florida in September 2006 and proceeded to send the kind of swell with the favorable conditions that surfers dream about. The waves were double overhead and perfectly groomed by offshore winds under sunny skies. Central Florida conditions were epic as " Flo " flirts with the coast. Hurricanes like this where all the ingredients come together don't happen very often and surfers like Mike Morris and Blake Sands were ready to take advantage of Flo's flirtatious advances. This video is of two days in Brevard County that will go down in the record books as one of the best.
3 / 3 / 2007 Pro Wakeboard Tour's Rookie of the Year, JD Webb performed a breath taking jump over Orlando's Lake Eola fountain. It was filmed for an upcoming episode of the Discovery channels " Stunt Junkies " television show and Justin Sain was also there to cover the action. This stunt pushed wakeboarding to new heights with a ramp to ramp jump unprecedented in the world of wakeboarding over a 70 foot gap which is the biggest gap ever done in wakeboarding. Under the watchful eye of Lake Eola's famous black swans, JD Webb made a few practice jumps before attempting a final jump over the fountain.
2 / 21 / 2007 2007 Speed Weeks and it's time for the Bud Shootout. It's the first and one of the most exciting races held during speed weeks because of the racing format, special paint schemes and of course the drivers that earned the right to race in it. It's also the first time back to the track after last season so everyone is anxious to get back to racing. This gallery features the cars and drivers in the garage and out on the track in both day and night practice sessions. The field is filled with veteran drivers like Jeff Gordon, Mark martin and Ken Schrader along with drivers like Boris Said and Brian Vickers.
2 / 11 / 2007 Every year the " Living legends of Auto Racing " kick off Speed Weeks in Daytona with a beach parade featuring cars and motorcycles from racing's past. There were cars from Lee petty, Junior johnson, Johnny Rutherford, Rex White, Fonty Flock, Russ Trulove and Fireball Roberts plus many more that helped pave the way for NASCAR to become what it is today. What better way to see NASCAR's roots than at the place where it all began, the beach at Daytona. This gallery comes in two sections. One is of the cars in color and the other is the same pics in black & white as they would look back in the day.
2 / 1 / 2007 It's time for part two of that wild " Miss Monsters " bikini contest. This is the one with the stripper pole on stage and the plastic pool filled with chocolate pudding. In the final round each surviving contestant sat in the pudding and then judged by what print they left behind as the pressed their butt up against a poster board. While creativity was supposed to be a deciding factor I couldn't help but notice the girls with the best butt were getting the loudest cheers. This was the most unique " bikini contest " I've ever been too and had a little bit of everything in it and the pictures certainly reflect that.
1 / 22 / 2007 Remember Blake from the bahamas. He and his cousin Josh along with two other surfers from Florida joined Justin for a surf trip to Costa Rica. They spent nine days based in the Tamarindo area. Scored great surf every day and Justin got some awesome video as the quartet sampled the various breaks up and down the Pacific Coast. One break stood out in particular which they caught on an average day by Costa Rican standards but was still challenging. This video gives us a look at what surfing in Costa can be like. Watch as Blake, Josh, Mike and Don paddle out and live the dream.
1 / 12 / 2007 This gallery is of the Daytona Continental Historic Races held at Daytona International Speedway. With access to the track, pits and garage Justin was able to capture the action from all angles and the results are spectacular. See vintage race cars as they tackle the high banks and road course of Daytona. See the Porsches, Jags, Lolas and Rileys. There were Camaros, Vettes and Mustangs and what was probably the largest GTP field ever assembled on a racetrack. If you're a fan of vintage race cars this is for you with a gallery full of everything from a beautiful '66 Ford GT40 to a bugeyed Sprite
1 / 2 / 2007 It was Justin's first trip to the Bahamas and while he was expecting to find the usual things like great beaches, crystal clear water and some of the best fishing anywhere the one thing he didn't expect to find was waves. After flying in he took a boat to another island where he met a Bahamian surfer by the name of Blake Sands. Places like this are best kept a secret but Blake was very generous in sharing his home break with Justin and his camera. This was the beginning of a great friendship and Blake proceeded to show all the island had to offer. This video shows Blake as he rips an island paradise.